About MIKO



MIKO is a natural skin + body care apothecary that is on a mission to create potent, highly effective, and sensorial products that inspire loving self-care rituals.  


Every creation is handcrafted to highlight what nature has to offer with an emphasis on organic, non-toxic, and highly effective botanicals. 


We believe the products you use everyday should be luxurious, effective AND safe. We worry about the ingredients so you don't have to. And we give our products the attention to detail, love and passion they deserve.


We love hearing from you. If you have any questions please email us at mikoshopco@gmail.com







Sanja (also known as Miko) thoughtfully creates all her own formulas and handcrafts each product in small batches to preserve potency and ensure freshness. She created MIKO out of necessity for natural skincare products herself that were made of 100% pure botanical ingredients, vegan friendly and non-toxic.


She has a deep passion for botanical ingredients and finds creating natural skincare to be an extremely creative, therapeutic and joyous process. 


Her beauty philosophy is that true beauty takes inner work and we should freely take time each day to care for ourselves, physically, mentally and spiritually in a way that resonates with us.


She hopes MIKO is an inspiration for loving self-care rituals which are much needed in our busy world. 


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With love,